My Blockchain Island Club
Steve Tendon

My Blockchain Island Club

Steve Tendon

Welcome to My Blockchain Island Club

Let's do Blockchain Business on Malta the Blockchain Island

About Me and the Blockchain Island

A late night in early October 2016 I was writing these words:

...  position Malta as a center of excellence for research and development in Blockchain technologies, with the creation of incubators, campuses, and facilities; and supported by incentives for Blockchain startups that open up operations on Malta... Such an initiative could be branded as “The Blockchain Island.

I was authoring an early draft of what became Malta's National Blockchain Strategy on behalf of the Malta's Ministry of Economy, Investment and Small Business. 

Almost exactly two years later, on October 2, 2018, I was writing this post just a few hours before the inauguration of the first Delta Summit: the Maltese Government's official event for launching Malta as "THE" Blockchain Island

Only a few days after the Prime Minister gave a talk to the United Nation's General Assembly about the significance of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technologies, and announcing to the world that Malta was becoming the "Blockchain Island!"

Now it is real!

A lot of work with many people have transformed that initial vision of mine into reality.

Yet creating the Blockchain Island is an ongoing work and a lot more still has to happen! And the real Blockchain Island is a virtual place in the cryptosphere.

That's why I decided to set up this My Blockchain Island Club!

And you can be part of it too!

Why you should join me here!

If you are...

  • a founder, startupper, entrepreneur thinking about setting up your Blockchain business in Malta? 
  • An investor looking to invest in interesting Blockchain companies starting up in Malta? 
  • A lawyer or a legal service provider; an auditor, accountant, or corporate service provider; consultant or other professional service provider helping developing Blockchain businesses in Malta?
  • And ICO adviser or Blockchain expert helping startups and businesses moving into the Blockchain space?
  • A software engineer, developer or crypto expert interested in Malta?
  • Any other kind of Blockchain professional looking at or working from Malta?

... then join My Blockchain Island Club

This is the  place where you all can find each other; and develop the business of the Blockchain on YOUR Blockchain Island.

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